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Harold’s Planet started as a part-time project in London in 1996. Because we believed in Harold, we decided to give up our jobs and see if we could make it work full-time. We moved to a pin-prick Indian Ocean island in the Seychelles (becoming its 53rd and 54th inhabitants), Ile au Cerf, a thousand miles of the coast of Kenya.

It was there, in a ramshackle house, open to the elements, that Harold came to life; Bobbly-nosed, soft-footed, gentle and curious. Up mountains that scratched the clouds, through a sea of faces, via London, Paris, Cape Town, the Kalahari and Northern California, (red wine and fires being the common thread) Harold has led, and we couldn’t help but follow.

Since our first steps into the unknown with Harold sixteen years ago, we’re extremely fortunate that Harold’s Planet cards now sell worldwide in the millions. A number of Harold books have been published. He used to appear weekly in The Financial Times and The Scotsman. He has appeared on TV and all over the internet, and is lucky enough to have tens of thousands of followers online who receive his daily cartoon.

Come and visit Harold’s Planet – you don’t need a visa. You might need a toaster. If you’re lucky you might spot some flying grannies, see the Grisbium Dawn chorus, or even a Snerd drifting through the moonlight.

- Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, Marin County, California, 2012